Abstract and minimalistic
Street Photography


(People in)
Urban Landscapes

Guido-Klumpe-Minimalistisch-AEine Frau mit grünem Hut vor roter wand mit Lampe

Guido Klumpe has been working intensively for many years in the border areas between abstract, minimalist and street photography.

He perceives the world in a special way due to a congenital visual impairment and expands the limits of his vision through photography.

The artist finds his motifs on walks through Hanover’s residential districts, arterial roads and industrial areas. He is interested in the interactions between urban landscapes and the people who move through them. The scenes are unposed, it is always about the “decisive moment”.

In his abstract works, he explores the fragile moment of transition in which three-dimensional architecture dissolves and abstracts into the two-dimensional. In this way, ordinary parts of the cityscape such as house walls, bollards and petrol stations are transformed into beautiful works of art.

Guido Klumpe’s works have won several awards and been published in international print and online magazines.